Friday, June 29, 2018


This will be the last mix that I upload before the South Africa tour starts in August (23.08-03.09), so I can also surprise the hardcore DIS fans during the tour with some new stuff ;-) The mix contains music by Jezreel, Lars Bartkuhn, Trinidadian Deep, Sello, The IT, Melchior Sultana, Dynamodyse, Dubbyman, Gabbana and some more. Don't hesitate to ask for Track Id's.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Show 396 "Guestmix by Elpierro (Germany)"

Next show is coming up and its a guestmix by elpierro from Germany. Yes, those who are familiar with Deep Inspiration Show Records heard his name already because he just released "We Give, We Get" on the Various Inspirations Vol. 3. He is a great dj as well. Enjoy and don't hesitate to leave a feedback.

Artwork by Sounds So Deep


More about him:

Soundcloud @elpierro2
contact / booking:

Friday, May 18, 2018

Show 395 "Guestmix by Manuel Costela" (Spain) [Bucketround]

The next mix in the Deep Inspiration Show is by someone who I respect a long time. DJ and producer Manuel Costela from Spain looks back on 9 releases on his own label Bucketround. He made records with music by Dubbyman, Above Smoke and Bjak just to name a few. Enjoy his dope selection he recorded for us.

Artwork by Sounds So Deep


01.Manuel Costela - My Tortuous Migraine 
02.Papillon - Sometimes
03.Dj Aakmael - Smoothie (Norm Taley Remix) 
04.Ezeo - Ezeoza
05.Vin Sol feat.Tyree Cooper - It’s House 
06.Larry Heard - Theme From Guidance 
07.Anthony Nicholson - Azimuth
08.Manuel Costela - When You Had It (Original mix) 
09.Andy Hart & Max Graef - Pulleman 18
10.Detroit Swindle - The Break Up 
11.Four - Kill Frenzy
12.FCL vs VFB - Love Prescription 
13.Marcello Giordani - Respect Yourself
14.Lauer - Trainmann (Tensnake Franceman Mix) 
15.[a]pendics shuffle & Mikael Stavostrand - The Other One (Simon Garcia's Tunnel Vision Dub)
16.Chris Minus & Mr.V - The End 
17.Brame & Hamo - Retrospect
18.Axel Boman - Klinsmann 
19.Larry Heard presents Mr White - The Sun Can’t Compare (Long Version)
20.Manuel Costela - Oval Future Face 
21.Mugwump - Boutade (Miseridub)
22.Bostro Pesopeo - Cheers Up 
23.Manuel Costela - Mind Purveyor


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Show 394 "Guestmix by Marcelo Tavares (Brazil) [Deep Space Podcast]"

I know I'm a bit lazy in the moment with the Deep Inspiration Show but we are back with a guestmix by Marcelo Tavaras from Brazil. Marcelo is a pure music lover and doing his own "Deep Space Podcast" since a long time.  Before some weeks he was in South Africa and killed it in several places. Glad to have him in the show with this superb selection. Enjoy.


1) Milton Nascimento - Idolatrada - [EMI]
2) PORNOBEAT - Sadosamurais
3) Climatic - Gibraltar - [Good Vibes Only]
4) Plastiqe Mojo - Movin On - [2U]
5) Lamar Ensemble - Suave - [Stereoheaven]
6) The Sura Quintet - Keep Me Company - [Salon De Lounge]
7) Jake Palmer - Introspectia (Original Mix) - [Amida]
8) Shisdess - Speak to Me - [Armoracya]
9) The Noodleman - Starlight (Cottams Remix)
10) Atjazz Feat. Sarah Jane Morris - Fantasy (Album Version) - [Atjazz Record Company]
11) Collen Cohen - Hannibal (Original Mix) - [Dopewax]
12) Lionel Indies - Rose - [Armoracya]
13) Mo Kolours - Meroe - [22a]
14) Federsen - Modular Tension - [Cold Fiction]
15) Lord Echo - The Sweetest Dub - [Soundway]

More about him and his own show here:


Artwork by Sounds So Deep

Monday, April 16, 2018

Various Inspirations Volume Three - Out Now

"Various Inspirations Volume Three" is available now. It took a half year to have all tracks together but I'm very happy about the final result. 5 dope house tracks and a downtempo bomb. Mastered as always by Sven Weisemann from Berlin.
If you love underground house music check it out. Please spread the word if you dig it and never forget if you buy something from Deep Inspiration Show Records you support also your beloved Deep Inspiration Show that you get for free since many years.
Early support by: Lars Behrenroth, Ingo Sänger, Mike Huckaby, Ian Bang, Sello
1. Neuronphase - Light (05:34) [Estonia]
2. InnoSacred - Afterlife (06:57) [South Africa]
3. elpierro - We Give, We Get (05:41) [Germany]
4. Replika - Roys Love (06:14) [Switzerland)
5. Sir Sabzee - Little Something (07:25) [South Africa]
6. Roberto Bronco - Hati (05:42) [Germany]
This release is only available via Bandcamp:…/various-inspirations-volu…
Artwork by Sounds So Deep

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Show 393 "Slow Bombs"

It's about time for a brandnew "Slow Bombs" session. Slomo - Downtempo - Midtempo or Slow Deep Soulful whatever.... Call it like you want :-) Enjoy the music.


1. Above Smoke - Grind [Deep Exlorer]
2. Dubbyman - No Son Horas [Deep Explorer]
3. Above Smoke - Feel to Learn [Deep Explorer]
4. Fred Buddah & Ofuren - Floral Synergy [Roots Go Deep]
5. KDJ - Untitled [Moods & Grooves]
6. Deep Sentiments - Sleepless Zombies [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
7. Saine - Countach [odd Socks]
8. Sir Sabzee - Little Something [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
9. Marcellus Pittman - You Want Me (Never) [Seventh Sign]
10. Trevor Deep Jr. - AXW Feat. Sven Weisemann [HPTY-Recordings]
11. Inno Sacred - Afterlife [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
12. Dubbyman - Heard [Deep Explorer]
13. Francis Harris - Pensum [Scissor & Thread]
14. Marvin Belton - Bleed To Be Free [Ferris Park]
15. Zarenzeit - There. But Here As Well [Deepartsounds]


Monday, March 19, 2018

Jazzman - Sundays (NO HOUSE)

just an easy listening session throw my collection...various genres, old & new, no house !