Thursday, February 22, 2018

Show 391 "It's All About Journeys"

I'm happy to found some time to record a new show. This time its a 2 hour journey with music by these artists and labels: Adham Zaran, Gabbana, Shervaan Bergestedt, Just Move Records, Mike Agent X Clark, AfroMove, Saine, Desolate, Deep88, Aakmael, Darren Abrams, Coeo, BillowJazz, Apperal Wax, Boorane, Blaze, Nick Holder, Urulu, Marcellis, Larry Heard and some more. Don't hesitate to ask for track ids. Enjoy.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Various Inspirations Wax Sampler - *Out Now*

Deep Inspiration Show Records proudly presents it’s 1st Vinyl release:

The “Various Inspirations Wax Sampler" a compilation that comes up with 5 master pieces from 4 different countries.

A1 is by “Neuronphase” from Estonia. He’s smashing here a deep Detroit inspired House track right at ya and has already released two great records on Serie Limitee.

A2 is a slow atmospheric bomb by “Deep Sentiments” from Johannesburg//SouthAfrica. He’s definitely someone who has a name in his country when it comes to deep underground music. It was about time for his first release on wax!

B1 comes up by “Marco Nega” from Germany who isn't new into game too. He already released on labels like Bu-Mako, Batti Batti, Altered Moods Recordings, Underground Quality and many more. Be prepared for a raw but lush sounding romantic profound track. Just the way we love it!

B2 is by “Viktor Birgiss” from Iceland. The main guy behind “Lagaffe Tales” delivers a timeless piece of House music with jazzy influences. This one definitely deserves a place on wax!

B3 and the last track on this special compilation is by “Roberto Bronco” from Germany. A short but dope sounding infinite track that could lasts’s forever! He released his 2nd album some time ago on “Lemon Grass Music”.

This is a limited compilation. Only 300 copies world-wide!

Juno Records:
Decks Records:
Red Eye Records:

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Show 390 "Guestmix by BMA (South Africa) [Sounds So Deep]"

Yesterday was his Birthday and today we have him in the Deep Inspiration Show. Great mix by BMA from South Africa who is part of Sounds So Deep. Catch him, the whole SSD family and friends @ Eastwoods Tavern in Pretoria for his Birthday Party on Saturday. Enjoy.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Show 389 "Guestmix by Nicodemo & Volantis (Italy)"

This week we have a mix by Nicodemo & Volantis from Italy. These guys are just exploring South Africa and they play on the Coquette Vinyl Session @ Kitcheners this Friday the 12. January. Very interesting set with different genres. Vinyl only. Enjoy and check them out if you are not too far from Johannesburg. 

Artwork by Sounds So Deep


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Show 388 "Fruits & Records by Daddy D & Jazzman"

Like I promised we start the show this year with a special 2hour journey that I recorded together with my friend Daddy D aka Floyd Mash from Pretoria during the South Africa last year. This session is about listening stuff, very deep vibes, some slow bombs and a lot of love for music. I don't care about the medium but this one is vinyl only :-) Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask for track ids.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Show 387 "Guestmix by June Jazzin (Durban, South Africa)"

Wish you all a nice festive season with this guestmix by June Jazzin from South Africa

Artwork by Sounds So Deep



Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Show 386 "Keep You Warm"

What Can I say? Found some time to record a fresh Deep Inspiration Show 

1. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Jazz Face (AJE Rework) [Here & Now]
2. Hammathedude - S.I.K (Started In Khalambazo)
3. Desolate - Libelle [Fauxpas]
4. Roberto Bronco - Deep Nights Outro [Deep Inspiration Show Records] (soon on vinyl)
5. Cold Chillin' Inkswel - Ompai [Lumberjacks in Hell]
6. Allstarr Motomusic - El Sonido Deepex [Deep Explorer Music]
7. SIR SABZEE & AZRTH - Taxi Jam [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
8. The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra - Where Do We Go From Here (Andres Remix) [Farout Recordings]
9. Trevor Deep Jr. - AXW feat. Sven Weisemann [HPTY-Recordings]
10. Laurence Guy - Gone [Church]
11. SIR SABZEE & AZRTH - Moment Be Four [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
12. Muskidd - She Has Bad Intentions (Original Mix) [Just Move Records]
13. Acasual - Spring Theory (Moomin Rework) [Closer]
14. Platzdasch and Dix -Pacemaker [Peppermint Jam]
15. Andres - Hart Plaza [La Vida]
16. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - August [Big Bait Records]
17. Jose Lau - Slow drifting years [Urban Imagery]
18. Demuja - I Want You [MUJA]
19. Melchior Sultana - Give it to the Moon (Live Edit) [ProFound Sound]
20. Gabbana - Love Is Losing (Original Mix) [Deeptribe]
21. Bluestaeb - Message From The Inner City Blue [Jakarta Records]

Artwork by Sounds So Deep