Monday, August 10, 2009

Jazzman support "Sun of Gao" by Mr. Raoul K

Hailing from the Ivory Coast of West Africa, Germany-based Mr. Raoul K brings his signature blissed-out combination of elegant progressions and afro-tech-house beats to Fatsouls Records. "Sun of Gao" is the product of this recent union between Mr. Raoul K and San Francisco-based Fatsouls Records. Sun of Gao will truly dress up your mood and let the light shine into your soul. Raoul's beautiful use of the N'goni (African guitar) as the anchoring rhythm blends energetically and effortlessly with the tribal elements and talking drum on the City Mix. The two instruments are supported by darker and dreamier grooves on the Village Mix. Pleasantly surprising on both sides, "Sun of Gao" keeps you feeling close to the ground with subterranean base lines on the City Mix, and raises you up to the sky with surprising and unique elements on the Village Mix. Sun of Gao has epic moments and is truly worthy of peak-time dance floor play. This track has a very global sound and, in true afro-tech-house fashion, takes the listener deeeeeep. Celebrate the coming of spring with this new stop on Mr. Raoul K's musical journey -- certain to have us all smiling together as one!

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