Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Show 400 "Jazzman, Konstantin Olias & BMA b2b PEX" LIVE @ 457 Record Bar (Pretoria)

Like I promised I give you something special for the big anniversary. That mix was recorded live on Sunday the 26.08.2018 @ 457 Record Bar in Pretoria during the South Africa Tour. Daddy D was celebrating his Birthday the whole weekend under the theme "Plastic Surgery".  I hope you have enough data and enjoy the 6 hours. Live flavor in the background. Too many music in there. Just ask for track id's in the comments. Thanks a lot for all the support in the past 10 years.


00:00 - 02:07 Jazzman
02:07 - 04:15 Konstantin Olias
04:15 - 06:07 BMA & PEX (Sounds So Deep)

Artwork by Sounds So Deep


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