Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show 31 Guest Mix by Will (Bielefeld, Germany)

Inspired by the early Bargrooves Mix Cds (mixed by London's deep artist Bent Sowton), Will developed his own definition of Deep House. Reduced beats meet pumping organ chords and low spoken vocal lines harmonate with slowly rolling tunes creating a certain atmosphere and give the mix a context to the deepness. Stylistical in- and decreasements, as far as atmosphere is concerned, gives an individual result. It could be a night in the city or it could be nice morning at club that comes into the listeners mind. Commencing with a sleeky piano solo by Japanese Syncro System the mix continues with the moody but pumping sound of Ray valioso, just to turn into the bouncing bassline of DJ Q's 'Superclique' and to slow down at the end with a beatiful melody by Chez Damier, which could be perfectly fit into a sunday morning beach scene.

Playlist Show 31 Mixed by Will (Bielefeld/Germany)

1 japanese synchro system - pure finger in deep river
2 loco dice - breakfast at ninas
3 glimpse - in my soul
4 anton zap - groovin
5 falko brocksieper - fresh 727
6 baaz - clouds 2
7 chris carrier - sunshine lady
8 ray okpara - youll never be mine
9 dj q - superclique
10 dirty cover - akrobatech
11 chez damier & ron trent - morning factory (dubplate)


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