Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Show 92 Guestmix by Matthias Vogt (Germany)

This week I'm proud to present a exclusive mix from Matthias Vogt...

There rarely is a musician to be seen, who feels home in more than just one musical genre the way Matthias Vogt does. Who else can claim himself being booked in the hottest clubs around the globe and aditionally being respected as a trained jazz musician at the same time?

Vogt holds a residency at Sven Väth’s Cocoonclub in Frankfurt. Being the incorporator of „Motorcitysoul“, a steady-increasing DJ- and Production-Duo, that Vogt founded a few years ago, and is now runnning succesfully with his brother in crime „C-Rock“ aka Christian Rindermann.

Under his Motorcitysoul-moniker he released records on highly-acclaimed house-imprints like Freerange, Simple, Aus, Stir 15 or Lofi-Stereo amongst others. Particularly in producing electronic music, Vogt is able to bring to account his experience as a jazz-musician in a way, that surely is unique in nowadays contemporary house-music.

Currently Vogt did some interesting solo-releases - for Chicago based Fresh Meat Records, UK Imprint Urbantorque, Paris/France deepest Komplex de Deep, plus Saw Recordings, the label of house-legends Satoshi Tomiie and Hector Romero. Matthias solo tracks tracks evoced postive feedback von of top dj's like Jimpster, Joris Voorn, Paul Woolford, Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink or Karotte. In late 2010 he will release EP's on Large Records, Intimacy and Dieb Audio.

In his „second life“ Vogt is a jazz-musician...

In 2002 the frankfurt-based label Infracom asked Matthias Vogt to realise a unique musical idea: The creation of an album that contains acoustic jazz-versions of originally elctronic tracks. A name for this project was easy to be found: [re:jazz]! Six (!) further albums followed and the former project quickly turned into a band. Lots of guest musicians where involved in this project, f.e. Vogt worked with Erik Truffaz, Joy Denalane, Nils Petter Molvaer, Till Brönner, Linda Carriere, Viktoria Tolstoy, Alice Russel, Nils Wogram and many more.

Vogt’s more intimate jazz project is his trio. In 2006 the first „Matthias Vogt Trio“ album „Changing Colours“ was released on Infracom. Their latest longplayer „Coming Up For Air“, saw the world in 2009. Both albums mainly features Vogt's very own original compositions.

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1. the dynamics: music (snippet)
2. russo: fuck my mpc (huxley remix) # fullbarr digital
3. axel bartsch: daight (soul claps og electro remix) # suol
4. sound 5: the hacienda must be rebuilt (cosmic me mix) # rip digital
5. iron curtis: inner tribute to the city # hudd traxx
6. penner & muder: walk on by # wazi wazi
7. frank spangler: forever and a dub # delusions of grandeur
8. dolle jolle: balearic incarnation (todd terje extra doll remix) # permanent vacation
9. gino soccio: alright (frico edit) # white
10. m.v.i.p.: m.v.i.p. theme # pooled
11. gadi mizrahi & soul clap: she's bad (remix of bad habits) # double standart
12. nebraska: untiteled # white



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