Monday, February 14, 2011

Show 113

only brandnew deep stuff that I became from the artists and labels last week......90% South Africa, 10% Germany ! Have fun with this special !


1. Gabbana da Deejay - Bety Red Roses ( version 2 )[Spiced Music]
2. Stereophonics - Phonics [Spiced Music]
3. SK95 - The power of house [Promo]
4. Tobetsa - My Wind [Black Fruit Records]
5. Freaks & 012 - Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix)[Rebirth]
6. DJ Skhu - Length of House [Smooth Agent Records]
7. SK95 - Finally booted mix [Promo]
8. The Objektive - African music[Dj Spice T's Midnite Groovin Mix] [Spiced Music]
9. Gabbana Da Deejay - Naked_Angels_(deeper_mix) [Deeptribe Music]
10. Dj Spice T & The Objektive - Lifestyle[Dj Spice T's Midnite Groovin Mix] (Spiced Music)

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