Monday, October 10, 2011

out now ! Lemon & Herb feat. Moonchild - Velani [Ocha Mzansi]

out now @ traxsource !

Here's the latest from Ocha Mzansi. Lemon & Herb's "Velani" is currently supported and being beaten into submission by Osunlade and Black Coffee, to name a couple of DJs that we love.

Velani is a refreshing taste of lush vocals and a spot on representation of Ocha's new era of sound! - Osunlade

Lemon & Herb have been making waves with their recent productions and remixes for various labels including our friends Atjazz & Offering. We are excited to announce that we have signed rising stars L&H to an album deal and we feel blessed to have them joining the Ocha family.

With that said, here is a taste of what's to come from Lemon & Herb's upcoming album. Velani is also one of the highlights on Carlos Mena's upcoming "Ocha Mzansi presents The Casamena Radio Hour Vol1", which will highlight many of our upcoming Ocha Mzansi releases.

Velani means "Show Yourselves"
The lyrics are in Xhosa, and the Xhosa are a people that are deeply rooted in ancestor worship. The lyrics translate to "I speak to them that are of the past, they that visit me in my dreams. Appear and reveal yourself or Show Yourselves"

We have seen 1st hand what this song does on the dancefloor, and trust me, the spirits do show themselves. Enjoy!

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