Sunday, December 11, 2011

Show 156 Guestmix by Matt Flores (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Matt Flores is a German music producer, sound designer and DJ, who released his first track in 1996 on Ata Tak. Since then, he has produced music on an international level with nearly one hundred releases to his name under different projektnames :
(mighty flores, gushcollective, flowerz, goozebumpz, and more recently i:lyke, ghostnotez, Ai and of course matt flores). He has toured with live acts and played DJ gigs throughout the world, composed music for the internationally acclaimed television series CSI, for the DLR(german NASA), produced intro-jingles for the Carhartt Radio Show and worked extensively with dance and theater. In 2010 Flores composed music for 'catcher', a dance-theater piece by the choreographer Johannes Wieland at the State Theater in Kassel. Since 2010 he has worked for Solarplexus, an interdisciplinary art project integrating theater, video art and live music, as well as loops in Chur / Swizz. At the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus he composed scores for the interdisciplinary theater project Jeruville in 2009 and 2010, where he performed his own sound design live during the performances. The project fuses youth theater with contemporary dance and live music, and had its last installation in 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. He is also performing live with the harp player meike rath, with wich he produced tracks in 2011.

Matt Flores ist Teil der neuen deutschen Deep House Szene.Er veröffentlicht seinen einzigartigen Sound auf namenhaften Labeln wie Compost, Farside, Deeper Shades of House.U.A. arbeitet er mit Tyree Cooper als Ghosebumpz. Am 21.11.2011 erschien seine aktuelle 12" CLOSER EP unter dem Namen GHOSTNOTEZ ( mit DOOGIE P. ) auf dem U.K. Label DCS TRAX.


2257 AD Space Dimension Controller rs 1109
Not In Your Hand (Original Mix) Eltron John pets
Marilyn Floating Points EGLO013
Clear water ( paradice remix ) si muir
paskal & urban absolutes - our smile in your face (henry l remix) Visky 002
changing Dimensions matt flores
Number One Discoshit REST!001
our thoughts Lagos Old Tacoma
Bilk 123 - Original Mix Ghostnotez DCSTrax
Untitled Manuel Tur mild pitch

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