Sunday, January 8, 2012

Show 159

"Photograpy © Ugur Taskin"

first show in always a lot of brandnew stuff and some classics !

1. Westpark Unit - Jam Hot (Original Mix) [Farside Records]
2. The Dead Rose Music Company - Just A Bitter Love (Original Mix) [Wolf Music]
3. Ron Deacon - Happy People (Original Mix)[TEAM Records]
4. Erdbeerschnitzel - To An End (Original Mix)[Mirau Music]
5. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Beacon (Soulphiction Remix) [Recognition]
5. Westpark Unit - Blaxrotation Suite Mix (Original Mix)[Farside Records]
6. Dj Code - I Believe (Soul Mix)
7. C-Beams - Strollin' With Tina Slotta featuring Tina Slotta (Original Mix)[Uncanny Valley]
8. Boris Hotton - So Close (Original Mix) [Visky Recordings]
9. Westpark Unit - Stoned Love (Original Mix) [Farside Records]
10 . Cuthead - Brother [Uncanny Valley]
11. Bocca Grande - Blue Tang Surgeon Fish (Original Mix)[Rebirth]

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