Saturday, June 2, 2012

Show 179 Guestmix by Tobetsa Lamola & Thes-Man

I've played a lot of stuff from this two it's time for an exclusive guestmix !

The First Touch EP [DNH Records] @
MASIMONG (AT THE FIELDS) EP [Kansak Recordings] @

AS I FEEL MY WOMAN EP [Kansak Recordings] @

1. DJ Thes-Man & Tobetsa Lamola – Travelling To Canada [DNH Records]
2. Deep Xcape & Dolls Combers – 2 Shades Of Deep (Live Love Life(Vocal Mix)
3. Lovebirds ft. Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul (Darque’s Define Dub)
4. Osunlade – Moxas Theme
5. Lemon & Herb ft. Baba Maqhinga – Thandimali (Atmospheric Deep & Denz Devarez Soulful Expedition Mix)
6. Brazo Wa Afrika – Afrikan Sax
7. Da Capo – From The Great North
8. DJ Thes-Man – Masimong (At The Fields) [Kansak Recordings]
9. Blue & K-White – Decimal Deep (Serabutangha’s Maftown Rework)
10. Tobetsa Lamola – As I Feel My Woman [Kansak Recordings]
11. DJ Thes-Man ft. Tobetsa Lamola – Drums Sensation [Kansak Recordings]

more information about this guys @ &

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