Sunday, April 28, 2013

Show 219 "Vinyl Session"

have fun with this special "Vinyl Edition".....a lot of things inside that you can't get digital ! If you like this stuff, please share the mix ! Thank you !
Please support the labels and artists.......... Buy Music !
1. Simoncino - Open Your Eyes - In a dream feat Gregg Fore [Mathematics]
2. Brad Peterson - Take me away [Mood N Grovin Music]
3. Trinidadian Deep - Vision and Sound EP - Mind Fluid [Deep Explorer]
4. Joey Kay - Perfect Time [Minuendo Recordings]
5. Black Jazz Consortium - Free your mind feat Minako [Soul People Music]
6. Connecting the Compass - Soulphiction - Lone Sun [RS007]
7. Marco Nega - Hang in there feat Jenifa Mayanja [Bumako Recordings]
8. Brad Peterson - Deepness Is a Way of Life [Mood N Grovin Music]
9. Connection the Compass - Jon Easley - Harmonie Park Bluz [RS007]
1o. Nathaniel X Project - Emotonial High [Under Tones]
11. Copa America - Theme from Copa America - Fire in your hands (Original Mix by Matthew Boone & Steffen Irlinger [Lost Vegas Records]

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