Sunday, October 6, 2013

Show 239 "50/50"

 I'm bored of the vinyl / digital discussion.....50% Vinyl / 50% Digital...the music is important ! which track is digtal and which one is vinyl? ;-)


1. Awanto3 - you made me change of heart [Pusic Records]
2. Sven Weisemann - Rejection (Original Mix) [Mojuba]
3. The Nathaniel X Project - Just a dance [under tones]
4. Chocky - Stoney Clouds (Chocky Original) [Big Bait 015]
5. Thorne Miller - All Of You (Nuno Estevez Remix) [Just Move Records] coming out soon !
6. Johannes Albert - Muskrat Susie (Moomin Remix) [Frank Music]
7. Henrik Schwarz, Kuniyuki - The Session 2 (Johannes Brecht Remix) [mule music]
8. Orson Wells - Searching (Original Mix) [Live at Robert Johnson]
9. Johannes Albert - People Say (Orson Wells Remix) [Frank Music]
10. Ryotique Souljamz & ANDI POWER - Forever Your' s (Souljamz' Light Edit) [Free @ Soundcloud]
11. Admin - Gold Soul [Boogie Futuro 2]
12 eva's finest 01 - Drive Slowly [Promo]

Please leave a little message if you like the mix. I appreciate feedback a lot !

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Next Dates:
18. October @ "mini" Berlin ( )
19. October @ "zu mir oder zu dir" Berlin ( )

Both gigs together with Konstantin Olias (‎ )

Thanks a lot for listening friends ! ! !


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