Monday, March 17, 2014

Deep Inspiration Show 262 "Guestmix by Filburt (O*RS) [Germany]"

Yes, it's time for "Filburt" from Leipzig (Germany).

INTERVIEW (by Mixed Apples South Africa)

MA:  Good Morning and best wishes from South Africa…

Hello, and Good Morning from Germany

MA:  Please can you introduce yourselves and tell us where are you are from?

I`m Filburt, a DJ and producer from Leipzig / Germany,

For the last few  years I have collected a lot of my own releases on labels like, Liebe *Detail, Mirau, Riotvan, Permanent Vacation, Dirt Crew. Uncanny Valley, Compost ….

After I sold my record store, I have focused on working with my label O*RS.

MA:  Can you tell us how your musical journey began?

This was in the mid of the 90íes, I spent so many nights as dancer at iillegal warehouse partys in Leipzig. I was born in the GDR, and after the political turnabout House & Techno came in this part of Germany. This was a new time, I wanted to be as a part of this movement. So I started to buy records and began to be a DJ.MA: Who was your biggest influence when starting out?

This timeless in the music and connecting other people.

MA: Do you produce music? If so, what would you say your style is?

Yes, i would say my style is organic rhythm groove, influenced by disco , house & hip hop.

MA: Can you remember your very first track/vinyl that you bought?

It was Mijk van Dijk”Microglobe“

MA: What has been some of your highlights in your career?

Ohh, so many highlights, but I think the biggest highlight is to have a good time when I play as a DJ, and to come together with nice people.

MA: What is playing in your car right now?

mhh, i have no car

MA: What can we expect from this guest mix on the Deep Inspiration Show?

One Hour with some new stuff, from some friends like Luvless, Andreas Techer, Jan Ketel, the new RDF (my project with Ron Deacon) and tunes that i love at this moment.

I hope you can enjoy this hour.

MA: Where can people follow you?

MA: When are we seeing you in South Africa?

I hope, very soon!!

MA: Finally, what is the one music festival you still wish to play at one day?

The Garden Festival in croatia


Detroit Swindle - For the Love of... 
RDF - Truck
Luvless - Luvmachine 
Jan Ketel - Wrong Number 
Flash & The Pan - Midnight Man Instrumental 
Salz - Can’t Dub Me Anymore 
Eddie C - O Ye DOKTA 
VENOM - Space Dust 
Indigo Tracks - Rites Of Passage 
Deep Character & Mad Boss feat. Big Daddy - NY Dream (Marlon D Minimal Mix) 
Terrence Parker - Your Love (TP's 2013 Unreleased Mix) 
So Deaf - Break It Down 
Klinke auf Clinch - This ( Filburts Basic Rework) 
Andreas Techer - Wake Up


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