Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Show 260 "Guestmix by Michael Brennan [Durban, South Africa]" (3hours)

I'm happy to present this *dope* *deep* *vinyl* journey by "Michael Brennan" from Durban, South Africa. Enjoy !

Interview with Michael (by Mixed Apples SA)

MA: Good Morning bro, thanks for your time…
How’sit Nelson, likewise bro…
MA: Please can you introduce yourselves and tell us where are you from?
I’m DJ M from Durban, S.A, I’m into Deep House music and record collecting.. Started back in 2002 on a small bedroom setup and moved on to playing in clubs in 2006.
MA:  Can you give us a bit of background on how you got started in music?
I started off listening to some of my dad’s Pink Floyd albums when i was about 8, I liked the sound of the band and I think that sparked something in me musically. Particularly their use of keyboards lead to me identifying the same sound in deeper house tracks that were being produced in the 90′s. I got given a house tape by a mate when i was 10, and was quickly hooked on the sound. It was a whole lot of early Strictly Rhythm tracks from the likes of Barbara Tucker, Josh Wink, Planet Soul etc.. That lead to me actively seeking more electronic music, which arrived comfortably at Deep House.
MA: Do you only DJ? or are you involved in production too?
I’m just a DJ. I’ve never experienced the same connection with production as I have with DJing, i’m not one to force creativity, but perhaps at some point in the future…
MA: What have been your biggest influences and inspirations in your music journey thus far?
Yeah I think the biggest influences over the last few years have been DJs Ernie, Dubbyman, F-On, Jose Rico, Owen Jay, Scott Ferguson and Bryan Agent Pepper. They’ve introduced me to older house records which I’m finding is a whole other sector of house music to explore. Growing up it was local Durban DJs Mimi Kesaris, St Nick, Steve Roets and the rest of the TILT crew.
MA: How would you describe your DJ style? 
It’s… deep? Haha, it is definitely more ‘house’ influenced, and by that I mean in the classic sense. Bass and drums are important in my sets so I tend to seek tracks with depth.. Origin wise a blend somewhere between chicago and detroit sounds, pitch usually riding low.
MA: What has you most excited about the local music scene at the moment?
I think the movements that are forming across S.A are great, Avant Garde, Plastic People, Raw Groove, Loki, Alpha House etc. The reception is great playing to clued up crowds. The vinyl nights are cool too, its showing people another means of DJing. Plastic People’s booth standard Urei rotary is getting put to good use on such a platform, the whole rotary concept is a relatively unexplored market in S.A so its cool to gain some experience on the medium. It’s great to have the overseas guys coming over in such abundance. I’m hoping this will at some point lead to the more underground internationals coming over. I think they’re bigger than they realise in S.A.
MA: What has been some of your highlights as a DJ?
The TILT days were a big highlight. Loud sound system, wooden dancefloor and up for it crowd on Fridays were unforgettable. The club inspired me to want my own one day. The recent resurgance of vinyl has also been a highlight for me, i think we’re moving forward.
MA: What dont you leave the house without?
Ipod. It gets well used.
MA: What is your hottest track at the moment?
At the moment I’d say Owen Jay & Melchoir Sultana ‘Memento’.
MA: What can we expect from this guest mix on the Deep Inspiration Show?
Some new stuff and some old stuff rubbing up against each other, here and there. It’s a 3 hour journey through my favorite records over the last year. Features tracks by Rick Wilhite/Theo Parrish, James Duncan, Kez YM, Ron Trent and Chez Damier.
MA: Anything that you are working on that we might be interested in?
Currently looking into reel to reel recorders to start recording mixes on tape. Something to look forward to in future :)
MA: Where can people follow you?
I’m mainly active on facebook
MA:  Finally, what is the one music festival you still wish to play at one day?
I’ll wait and see where the wind takes me ;) 
1.       Intro
2.       Leo Gunn – Rise and fall
3.       Above Smoke – Inner vibe (10”)
4.       Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn – What is house (Dubbyman remix) (10”)
5.       Deymare – Episode 2
6.       Norm Talley – The journey (Panther remix) (10”)
7.       Darand Land – Tribute to Ron & Anthony
8.       Ex Friendly feat. Rich Medina – Journey man (Dubbyman remix) (10”)
9.       Alex Agore – Man Down (Tornado Wallace remix)
10.   Toka Project – 7:38
11.   Lem Springsteen – Sexy Whisper # 2
12.   Ron & Chez D – Untitled B2
13.   James Duncan – Track # 2
14.   Rick Wilhite – Get on up! (Theo Parrish late night dub)
15.   Kez YM – Passing through
16.   Ron Trent – Morning fever
17.   Owen Jay & Melchoir Sultana – Movement
18.   Circulation – Patterins (Iz & Diz ghosts in Detroit wake up dub)
19.   Mike Huckaby – Untitled A1
20.   Kai Alce – Shut your eyes (10”)
21.   Brawther – Untitled B2
22.   Chicagodeep – Sunday Drive
23.   Raydilla – Something Inside (Darand Land Deep4Life remix)
24.   Leo Gunn – Dancing with dreams
25.   Andy Vaz – Bicycle love (Original mix)
26.   Strong Souls – Remember when
27.   Black Jazz Consortium – Your love
28.   Chez Damier – Forever (Mix 1)
29.   Trinidadian Deep – Vision & sound (Original Mix)
30.   Owen Jay & Melchoir Sultana – Here for you
31.   Black Jazz Consortium – New Horizon
32.   Joy of Sound – Our Mission
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