Sunday, April 27, 2014

Show 267 "Guestmix by Sello (Germany)"

this week with "SELLO"....I think the most people know him already from a lot of tracks that I played in previous shows. Here are some information about him:

Sello was born 1987 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Early in his youth he started being interested in music. 2003 he started to DJ, only 2 years later he started as well producing his own tracks.
Meanwhile Sello is accepted and recognized in the house scene as a mastermind of deep and soulful music.
Proving his skills with releases on Neovinyl, Wazi Wazi and Moodmusic, Sello is showing that he's not just another deephouse kid. Recently he even got requested by the legendary Compost Black Label to remix one of their upcoming vinyl releases.
No doubt Sello's unique style will last for years and will gain more and more supporters and lovers in the future.


Sello - Memories Vol. 1 / Neovinyl Roots
Sello - Lovely Files / Neovinyl Recordings
Sello - Feel This / Neovinyl Recordings
Sello - Industrial Soul / Sucre Recordings
Sello - With You / Wazi Wazi Music

Rainer Trüby - Jeck (Sello Remix) / Compost Black Label
Domy - Don't Even Know Me (Sello Remix) / Back And Forth 



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