Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jazzman & Konstantin Olias @ Sounds So Deep - House 22 #Pretoria (Monday, 20. July)

I recorded this mixes during our "5 Years Deep Inspiration Show" Tour in South Africa. Thanks again to House 22 & the Sounds So Deep crew for having us. It was an awesome Monday. Really loved the vibe there. I hope you enjoy the Mix (Tascam live recording).

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01. Fred Wesley - House Party [Back Black Records]
02. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Rhythm Soul Edit) [Free on soundcloud]
03. Mike James Kirkland  - What have we done (78 Edits) [Ubiquity Records]
04. Luvless - Down with you Baby [TSUBA]
05. Tobetsa Lamola - Free your Love [Oh Yeah Music]
06. LTJ - You will know [Hot Groovy]
07. Ethyl & Flori - Sk Jr [Development Music]
08. Bill Withers - Grandma`s Hands (Jacob Bech Edit) [Free on Soundcloud]
09. Session Victim - Glow In The Dark [Delusions of Grandeur]
10. Luvless - Never gonna leave you [O’RS]
11. Vandal M - Let them try [FOMP]
12. Kitano - For the King [DIKSO]
13. Takuya Matsumoto - EKR's Galactic Dance (Part 1) [Clone Royal Oak]
14. Dropouts - Cool Track 42 [Intent Recordings]
15. Dollkraut - Loot

1. Get Down Edits - Inside My Love (Daz Inside My Filter ReWork) [Get down edits]
2. Rick Wade – Sweet Life (Original Mix) [Fina Records]
3. awanto3 - made me change of heart [Pusic Records]
4. Superloader – Good Piece [SUPA014]
5. Tension - Jazzy Purpose (feat. Maurice Brown) (110 Edit) [Unreleased]
6. Liquid Phonk – LikeTheMoon [Farside Recors]
7. Floating Points Marylin (Original Mix) [Eglo Records]
8. Frank & Tony - Bring The Sun Featuring Gry Bagien (Original Mix) [Scissor & Thread]
9. Marvin Belton – Bleed To Be Free (Original Mix) [Ferrispark Records]
10. Larry Heard - Glancing At The Moon [Alleviated]
11. Deep 88 – Yo House [12 Records]
12. Rising Sun - The Sun Orchestra [Fauxpas]
13. Ron Trent - Pop Dip and Spin – 1994
14. Jan Ketel & Siggatunez – Backround [Tieffrequent]
15. CHOCKY – SATIVA  [Big Bait]
16. Jan Ketel - Walking Away (Original) [Tiefrequent]
17. Laurance Guy –Stavros [Church]
18. Deep 88 – Believe You (JMelchior_Sultana_Remix) [12 Records]
19. Son Dexter - Painting - Fingers Remix [Alleviated Records]
20. Classic Man -  Love (After Hours Mix) [Nervous Records]

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  1. Wow!!! Good sounds, someone has missed a lot. It was happening, i can tell by the sound that i hear now on this mix. Well thank you for the good music.

  2. nice deeeeeeeep sounds new flavour to my ears

  3. my man olias nd jazzman u giving us pure musical bliss

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