Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Show 330 "Guestmix by Dynamodyse (Cologne, Germany) [We Play House Recordings]"

This week we have a dope vinyl only mix by Dynamodyse from Cologne Germany. He recorded the mix at "Schräge Wiese Cologne" on the 30. August 2015 during the "Come Together Project". Enjoy...


Beaumont - Skipless / Rivulet
Aqua bassino - C´mon / Fcom
Sundata - Come together / Prescription
Mike Huckaby - The deep house world / Third Ear
Love is in the air / Herbert Remix / white
Deer - Spooky action at a distance - dwig remix / Marionette
Glissando Bros - Do it / Stir 15
Losoul - Overland / Playhouse
Shazz - El Camino / Yellow
JT Donaldson - Mood Music Promo
P. Lauer - One two three / Separe
Jody Watley - Saturday Night Experience - Ron Trent Mix / Giant Steps
Chaser - Blue Planet / Soma
Rick Wade / Laid

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More about Dynamodyse @

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dynamodyse
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dynamodyse
We Play House Recordings: http://www.weplayhouserecordings.com

Photocredit: Maya Claussen
Artwork by Tina Athens

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  1. Love is on the air and the laid stood out in this list.... nice ones.... buy adult tickets