Friday, December 11, 2015

Show 343 "Mein letzter für 2015"

Hey friends, this will be my last mix for 2015. It contains only records that I bought in the last month and an unreleased bomb that I got from my friend Muskidd. Have a nice weekend. Enjoy.

1. Desolate - Withering Beauty [Fauxpas Musik]
2. Aakmael - Roses [Kolour Ltd]
3. Trinidadian Deep - Inside You [Perpetual Rhythms]
4. Auji Industries - Parachute [Deep Explorer]
5. Prostitune - Conundrum [Just Another Beat]
6. Warten Borgmann - Groovin Together [Eclipser Chaser]
7. Melchior Sultana - things change [Underground Quality]
8. Tania Walcott - Rumours of PAIN (Produced by Myazisto & Kiddchef) [fine.T.U.N.E.d Records]
9. Tominori Hosaya - Midnight Kiss [Deepartsounds]
10. Black Jazz Consortium feat Minako - You take me higher [Soul People Music]
11. Santonio Echols - Homilies [JD Records]
12. Melchior Sultana - lead the way [Underground Quality]
13. EDITEP001 - Jock The Ripper [EDITEP]

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  1. Awesome mix, this is for the festive ����

  2. I listened to this set in the midnight, I felt every echo, reverb, beautiful delays, synthesizers. I felt the craft of the producers people who get little credit people whom we know less about. Your magical skills of bringing their work to life. A joint force. I thank You.

  3. Starting the day with this mix, can't get enough of it

  4. Rumours of Pain... WOW!!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TRACK *shedding a tear*