Monday, March 7, 2016

Show 351 "Guestmix by Deeperholic (Pretoria, South Africa) [Spiced Music]"

This week with my friend Steve Machaka aka Deeperholic from Pretoria. Steve isn't new in the game. He released already music on Spiced Music as I began to do the first Deep Inspiration Show's. Was also a pleasure to met him in South Africa several times. It was about time to have him in the show. Enjoy.

01. K15 - Gratitude [Wils Oats]
02. Stylus - Bright Sadness (Autumn Mix) [Clonique Sampler]
03. Mindworks, Deeperholic - The Logo [Spiced Music]
04. Shervaan Bergsteedt - The Distance (Original Mix) [Just Move Records]
05. Jus Tadi - Sorcery Of Specticle (Original Mix) [Hotbox Recordings]
06. Liquid Phonk - Izey [Foul and Sunk]
07. Her Joy - Jupiter Tree [So Many Music]
08. Wbeeza - Cosmic Jazz [Third Ear Recordings]
09. Munk - Purple Dust (Original Mix) [Local Talk]
10. Lipski - Be Careful
11. Rampue - Insensible (Remix) [Audiolith]
12. Victor Norman - Woodwork [Who We Are]
13. Lomidze - Dub Storm (Alex Okrazo Remix) [Incepto Music]
14. Jus Tadi - No Sleep (Original Mix) [Hotbox Recordings]

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  1. 40:00 ( Wbeeza - Cosmic Jazz [Third Ear Recordings])... Oh yeah

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