Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jazzman @ "zu mir oder zu dir" (Berlin, 06.05.2016)

"warming it up for my brother Emitate from South Africa"

Always love it to play warm up's, especially in a bar, where its possible to play some things that you can't play in a club. Please sit back, relax and enjoy :-)


1. Sister Sledge - Thinking of You (Dimitri from Paris Remix) [Bargrooves]
2. Chocky - Yeh Wanna [Big Bait Records]
3. Francis Harris - Living Lips [Scissor & Thread]
4. Homework - Spinning Top [Exploited]
5. Takuya Matsumoto - Ram Dub (Original Mix) [Meda Fury]
6. Rephlex - I'm Slow Pacing [Klam Records]
7. Phil Weeks - You Want My Love (Original Mix) [Robsoul]
8. Miruga - Endless Waltz [Troubled Kids]
9. Nuno Estevez - Moods (Original Mix) (Just Move Records)
10. Damiano von Erckert - All Good [Ava Records]
11. Bruce Loko - After Dark [Stay True Sounds]
12. Deep88 - Yo House [12 Records]
13. Ed Menzo & Shervaan Bergsteedt (Eoin Davids) - Love (Original Mix) [Ababili Recordings]
14. Hunee - Rare Silk [W.T. Records]
15. Sello - Beachcruiser [Tieffrequent]
16. Paxton Fettel - Afloat On A Sea Of Nothing [Greta Cottage]
17. Hodini, Damiano von Erckert - Domino´s [Ava Records]

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