Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Show 366 "Guestmix by Maze & Tshipi feat Ernesto Harmano @ Graypoolhouse (Mamelodi, SA)"

As I promised the Deep Inspiration Show is back with something special. I recorded this session during the South Africa tour with my Tascam before some month. I found a good balance between the live recording and the original recording from the mixer. Quality is still fine and you get for sure a little backflash because of the live atmosphere in the recording.  Thanks again to Maze, Tshipi and Ernesto Harmano for this crazy session. I wish to have the whole session as video too because it was really like a movie. Enough talking...enjoy.

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  1. What possible benefit could ripping a pack of bank cards or flexing claws have for a mixed martial artist? Surely it would be preferable to train with specific hold equipment like hold machines, grippers, plate pinches and dense bars than trying to split patios of bank cards, rip phone books, and fold metal, right?

  2. That number at 16 minutes, I am certainly sure it was dropped by Maze