Friday, February 10, 2017

Show 370 "Guestmix by Brino-Soul [The Garage Sessions] (South Africa)"

We are back. The first show this year is a guestmix by my brother Brino-Soul from Pretoria, South Africa. I met him for the first time last year. Very humble guy with a lot of passion for music. I'm happy to have him in the show. Enjoy.

Bio: Brino Soul has build his name in clubs around South Africa for a while. He started in 1999, collecting and playing on vinyls. He still collects vinyls to date. He loves collecting music that is distinctive to his ear, and that has earned him reputation amongst the best in the industry. He's future plans are to travel and play around the world, playing what he loves on vinyls. At the moment, he is one part member of The Garage Sessions, a movement that promotes a djs that have a passion of collecting records. The Garage Sessions host monthly sessions in different places. Collectors and djs gather and play their favourite music on vinyls without any detour of someone telling them what to play. The movement is looking at breaking barriers and it looks expand it to masses around the country and beyond.

1. Monitor 66 – Gave you my soul [Jeudi Records]
2. Sames – Fahrbahn [Godzilla Kebab]
3. Pascal Viscardi – Wise man’s decision (Fred P Reshape) [Traxx Underground]
4. Seb Wildblood – Open up [Church]
5. Melchior Sultana – Time can tell [Three Fingers Musique]
6. Ewan Jansen – Plankton [Red Ember Records]
7. Alton Miller – Exstasoul [Inner Muse Recordings]
8. Detroit Swindle – Circular City [Heist Recordings]
9. Dj sports – Hidden Spheres [Help Recordings of Arhus]
10. Patrice Scott – People Music [People of Earth]
11. Manuel Costela Bucketround – Umibozu (Original Version) [Bucketround]
12. Diego_Krause – Gratitude [Beste Modus]

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  2. guys why you don't have tracklist anymore. we need to support the artists.

    1. I see how many People Support the artists....perhaps 1% the other 99% rip the stuff from YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.... but yes I post the tracklist soon.