Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Show 376 "Guestmix by Zarenzeit" [Switzerland] (Deep ArtSounds)

Proud day for the Deep Inspiration Show. This week we have a guestmix by "George Btp aka Zarenzeit aka Dan Piu aka Allstar Motomusic" the owner of Deep ArtSounds. After his last timeless album as Zarenzeit he just released another great album as his old moniker Dan Piu called"Living in Fear". This record is since a few days available and it belongs to the best sold records on Juno last week. It is still the highest ranked (1.) Album on the Juno LP charts. Now have a listen to this beautiful journey through some deepness, house, a bit techno and some suprises in the end :-)

Bio: As a child, George’s favourite toys were cassette tapes. His older sister’s interest in Disco music also played an important part on his ongoing love for soulful dance music. By 1987, he was influenced by the legendary “Flamingo” Disco club in Zurich, which it possibly was one of the first European clubs dedicated purely to House music. From that year, George begun to buy vinyl records and today he is well known for his in-depth background and huge knowledge of House & Disco music. Dan Piu’s record collection is extensive and it contains well over 10,000 records....

Full Bio: http://www.nakamabookings.com/allstarr-motomusic.html

Last release: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/dan-piu-living-in-fear/628053-01/

Label: www.deepartsounds.net

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Artwork by Sounds So Deep

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