Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Show 386 "Keep You Warm"

What Can I say? Found some time to record a fresh Deep Inspiration Show 

1. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Jazz Face (AJE Rework) [Here & Now]
2. Hammathedude - S.I.K (Started In Khalambazo)
3. Desolate - Libelle [Fauxpas]
4. Roberto Bronco - Deep Nights Outro [Deep Inspiration Show Records] (soon on vinyl)
5. Cold Chillin' Inkswel - Ompai [Lumberjacks in Hell]
6. Allstarr Motomusic - El Sonido Deepex [Deep Explorer Music]
7. SIR SABZEE & AZRTH - Taxi Jam [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
8. The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra - Where Do We Go From Here (Andres Remix) [Farout Recordings]
9. Trevor Deep Jr. - AXW feat. Sven Weisemann [HPTY-Recordings]
10. Laurence Guy - Gone [Church]
11. SIR SABZEE & AZRTH - Moment Be Four [Deep Inspiration Show Records]
12. Muskidd - She Has Bad Intentions (Original Mix) [Just Move Records]
13. Acasual - Spring Theory (Moomin Rework) [Closer]
14. Platzdasch and Dix -Pacemaker [Peppermint Jam]
15. Andres - Hart Plaza [La Vida]
16. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - August [Big Bait Records]
17. Jose Lau - Slow drifting years [Urban Imagery]
18. Demuja - I Want You [MUJA]
19. Melchior Sultana - Give it to the Moon (Live Edit) [ProFound Sound]
20. Gabbana - Love Is Losing (Original Mix) [Deeptribe]
21. Bluestaeb - Message From The Inner City Blue [Jakarta Records]

Artwork by Sounds So Deep


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