Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Show 409 "Guestmix by Niles Cooper (Denmark)"

We are back with a guestmix by my new hero from Denmark. Played a lot of his records in the last months. Very happy to have him on board. House!

More about Niles Cooper:


and don't forget to check out his brandnew record: https://bit.ly/30RURi0


1. Niles Cooper - Kick This [Unreleased] [Pale Springs Records end of 2019] 
2. Freestyle Man - Port Arthur Nites [PUU] 
3. Niles Cooper - Sunday Reflections [Pale Springs Records June 2019] 
4. Matthew Boone - Wambel Moods [Styles Kickin'] 
5. Home And Garden - Since The Last Time [Court Square Recordings] 
6. Niles Cooper - House Gospel [Super Tuff Records] 
7. Niles Cooper - Hommage [Pale Springs Records end of 2019] 
8. Niles Cooper - Together [Planet Gwer] 
9. Boo Williams - Home Town Chicago [Relief Records] 
10. DJ Romain Feat. Darryl D´Bonneau - It's The Spirit [Nu Faze Records] 
11. Niles Cooper - Deeper Luv [Planet Gwer]
12. Niles Cooper - Emancipate Yourself [Pale Springs Records June 2019]



  1. Great mixtape. The female vocalist on Cooper's albums has very good touch of classic. I can't wait for more of his releases. Great work Niles!!!


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