Sunday, June 29, 2014

Show 276 "Guestmix by Bells (Johannesburg, South Africa)"

it's Sunday, time for a new Deep Inspiration Show. This week with my friend "Bells" from Johannesburg.

Interview with Bells @


1.Special Intro/Doyeq - Ballet in a box
2.Steffen Baldo - Modular Behavior
3.C.B Funk - Deep Sea
4.Steven Huerta - Kingsley's Groove
5.Luc Angenehm - Sold & Ruined
6. Adesse Versions - B1 Modal
7. Lay-Far - BYRSLF
8. Powel - Coffein
9. Monika Kruse - One love feat Robert Owens
10. Sure-I-Can - The Praetoriah
11. Cool - Track 42
12. Librah - My love is Forever
13. John Cutler - I'll take you
14.Special Outro/Jesse Bru - Changing for you

More about Bells @



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