Sunday, February 10, 2013

Show 210 "first rotary session"

have fun with the first session recorded with my new toy ;-)

1. Theo Parrish - Flip the Funk Out feat. The Rotating Assembly (Original Mix) [Sound Signature]
2. Ian Pooley - Tale Of The Big City (Intro) [Pooled Music]
3. Marcellis - Untitled B2 [Workshop 16]
4. Medlar - Govern (Original Mix) [Wolf Music Recordings]
5. Lowpazz - Out Of Time (Original Mix) [Dark Energy Recordings]
6. Volta Cab - Always In The Place (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Remix) [What's In The Box]
7. Ian Pooley - Get back (Original Mix) [Pooled Music]
8. Scherbe - Jardin Du Midi (Original Mix) [Uncanny Valley]
9. Adverb - Que Veo (Original Mix) [Etoka Records]
10. Medlar - The Sun (Original Mix) [Wolf Music Recordings]
11. Thorne Miller- Omnipotent (Dix remix) [Just Move Records]
13. Jesus Gonsev - Human Reactions [Troubled Kids]
14. Will Tension - Jacoozi
15. Lawrence - Just Like Heaven (Original Mix) [Smallville]
16. Son Dexter - Painting (Fingers Remix ) [Alleviated Music]
17. Christopher Rau - Like Yesterday [Smallville]
18. Rocco - Saharien Child (Lars Behrenroth Remix) [Deeper Shades Recordings]

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