Thursday, February 21, 2013

Show 211 Guestmix by Konstantin Olias (Berlin, Germany)

Konstantin Olias from Berlin is back ! I want to use this guestmix to promote our gig for the next weekend in Berlin. We play together on Friday and Saturday all night long! On Friday we play @ "mini" ( and on Saturday we are @ "zu mir oder zu dir" (

If you want to get in contact with Konstantin Olias please visit:

Have fun with the guestmix !

1. simon lebon & lee stevens - deep inside
2. elef - sweat & breakfast
3. henry l - the other day at the basement
4. drake & griffiths - the devils eyes
5. a lister - if i had my way
6. moodwax - aint no mountain
7. stuffa - proof (fcl remix)
8. bassfort - moonlight
9. kaspar - got good love (nicholas remix)

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