Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Show 253 "Drive Slowly"

 I hope you enjoy my new slowly and have fun ;-)

1. Eva’s finest - Drive Slowly
2. Break SL - My Love Is For U (Original Mix) [Philpot Records]
3. Session Victim – Tearwiper [Intergroove] VINYL
4. B2 [Love Unlimited Vibes 010] VINYL
5. Pal Joey - I Fell (Original Mix) [King Street Classics]
6. Owen JAY/MELCHIOR SULTANA - Sentimental [Moods & Grooves US] VINYL
7. Session Victim – Pass the Diesel [Intergroove] VINYL
8. Deep 88 – Me, Myself and an MPC VINYL
9. Leo Gunn – Quiet (Dubbyman Remake) [Deep Explorer] VINYL
10. JOUEM – Eldarion [MOJUBA] VINYL
11. Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight [Sound Signature] VINYL

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