Monday, January 20, 2014

Show 254 "Guestmix by Concept onE" (Düsseldorf, Germany)

This is the first guestmix that will be available with a interview presented by ......full interview is available here: Interview: Concept onE

What can we expect from this guest mix on the Deep Inspiration Show?

It’s just a mix of music that I like and from my perspective fits to the musical concept of Jazzman’s show. I’ve felt in love with Brazilian Bossa Nova in order that I did include tracks by Marcos Valle as well as Arthur Verocai. Currently I’m digging a lot of deep house records in order that I was glad that Jazzman did ask me to do a mix for his show.

Concept onE @ Facebook:

1) Boards Of Canada - Aquarius [Warp]
2) Arthur Verocai - Velho Parente [Mochilla]
3) Lawrence - The Opening Scene [Dial]
4) Lawrence - Marlen [Dial]
5) Lapien - Indifference [Soul People Music]
6) Leonid - Mudanza [Sistrum]
7) Jacques Bon & christopher Rau - Brothers & sisters [Smallville]
8) Julius Steihnhoff - All Of A Sudden [Smallville]
9) Patrice Scott - Orbital Bliss [Sistrum]
10) Kriss Kortz - Sunrays [Aesthetic Audio]
11) XDB - Pilago [Finale Sessions]
12) Lawrence - In Patagonia [Dial]
13) Esther Duijn - Eavalon Rises [Soul People Music ETV]
14) Steven Tang - Sunspot [Smallville]
15) Kriss Kortz - No Look Back [Aesthetic Audio]
16) Duplex - First Day (steven Tang Rmx) [Dolly]
17) Chicago Skyway & DCook - Lager (steven Tang Rmx) [Mos Deep]
18) Efdemin - Bergwein [Dial]
19) Steven Tang - Brink Of Dawn [smallville]
20) Marcos Valle - Mais Do Que Valsa [Odeon]

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