Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Show 273 "Guestmix by Dima Studitsky (Russia) [Compost]"

This week with a mix by Dima Studitsky from Moscow. Most people know him from releases on Compost Records, Sonarkollektiv, Kingstreetsounds and Strictlygroove Records.


1.youANDme - Beyond -Carlos Nilmmns Interpretation -Ornaments 
2.Marco Effe - Canto D'Amore (feat. Francesco Carone)Original Mix -Connaisseur 
3.The Acid - Fame - Liberator music 
4.QUARION - SearchingOriginal Mix - Drumpoet Community
5.MARK HENNING- Soul Catcher Original Mix - Swing Recordings
6.NOLAN- Children of House- Of Norway Version- Connaisseur 
7.Da Lata - Unknown feat. Myra Andrade (Eddy & Dus Remix) - Agogo records
8.Few Nolder - Houly Pouly Original Mix -Silence Music 
9.SOHN - Lights Original Mix -4AD 
10.MJ COLE - Geared Piano Original Mix -Prolific Recordings

More about him:

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