Sunday, March 29, 2015


It's about time for a fresh episode. This time mixed by myself with a lot of brandnew stuff. I hope you enjoy my new records. Feel free to comment and share this mix. Thanks a lot for your support.

1. Rising Sun - Untitled EP [Kristofferson 004]
2. Ooft! - Pearl Driving (Sade-Pearls Remake) [FOTO Recordings]
3. Dubbyman - the unexpected (spacey dub) [Soul People Music Boards]
4. Borrowed Identity - Dance with us [Tenderpark]
5. Ed Herbst - City [Beste Modus]
6. Aakmael - You [Unxpozd 06]
7. Jazzuelle - Moon Flower [Deep Stitched]
8. Norm talley - Change (Mike Huckaby 2010 remix) [Third Ear]
9.The new tower generation - Hidden banana bug (krl remix) [pusic records]
10. Rising Sun - Untitled (Version 01) [Kristofferson 004.25]
11. Johannes Albert - Do It! [Frank Music]
12. Torben - Neptunparty (outro) [Torben03]

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1 comment:

  1. Rising Sun - Untitled EP, beautiful record overall. Excellent!!!!