Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Ohrenschmaus Podcast" #28 by Jazzman

1. Takuya Matsumoto - NY NY [MEDA FURY]
2. Sarp Yilmaz - High As A Kite [Apparel Music]
3. Omar Santis - Stark Champagne (Original Mix) [Karakul]
4. Soul Of Hex - Lip Reading ( Larry Heard aka MR Fingers Jazzy Dub Mix) [CVMR]
5. Le Rubrique - The Art Of Loving (Ugly Drums RMX) [Tieffrequent]
6. Ray Dilla aka Strong Souls - From The Pyramids To The Stars (ORIGINAL MIX) [D3 Elements]
7. Dj Aakmael - Jazz Piece 2 [unxpozd]
8. Marco Nega Feat. Leen Vivid - Inside Out [Batti Batti]
9. Takuya Matsumoto - Ram [MEDA FURY]
10. Omar Santis - Stark Champagne (Original Mix) [Karakul]
11. Saine - Ground Loop (Fouk Remix) [pusic records]
12. Aakmael - Aakboogie [unxpozd]
13. Joschka Seibt & Max Graef remix - Hermine + interlude ii [Box aus Holz]

Description: for our 28th edition of our monthly podcast series we invited a very special guest. ohrenschmaus podcast #028 was recorded by jazzman, the owner of the deep inspiration show. over the last years we stumbled across some nice podcasts done by rené himself or from one of his guests. so it was clear to us that we would love to welcome him to our small show and publish one of his fine selected and mixed podcasts. his sound could be described as a well balanced symbiosis of house classics and warm house tracks garnished with warm grooves and lovely vocals, some also say he creates a sound that especially people in africa really love. in the end it's up to you, describe his sound with your own words. one thing is for certain and that's his great taste in various styles of house music. as he has proven again with this podcast, so please enjoy the trip. your ohrenschmaus podcast!

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