Friday, August 25, 2017

Show 381 "Guestmix by Marco Nega (Germany)"

This week we have a dope tape by Marco Nega in the Deep Inspiration Show. If you are listening regularly to the show its for sure not the first time you heard about him. He released on labels like Bu-Mako, Batti Batti, AMR, Waehlscheibe and many more. Always deepness at its best. Have a nice weekend friends.

Linkwood - Skit (Firecracker Recordings)
Unknown - Untitled (Property by Underground Quality)
LoopZ The Maestro - Dusk (Original Mix) (Unreleased)
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - That Feeling (Moods & Grooves)
Jenifa Mayanja - Human Nature (deepArtSounds)
Tee Mango - It Was You (Millionhands)
Terrence Parker & Claude Young - Untitled (Dow Records)
Tony Carrasco - Transparenza (Scat Vox Mix) (Disco Magic UK)
Janet Rushmore - Joy (Kaoz Goes Insane) (Choice Records)
House 2 House - I Need Your Love (Love Mix) (Strictly Rhythm)
Da Stylus - Ohh Baby (Mecca Recordings)
Son Of Sound - Er’body Gonna Love You Anyway (District 30)
Tee Mango - I See You Dancin (Millionhands)
Joy Ride - Its All Right (Hi-Bias Records)
The Uprising - You Can Wait (Groovy Solution Mix) (Hi-Bias Records)
Eddie S. - Ooh Baby… (Sneak Tip Records)

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  1. Link to purchase: Unknown - Untitled (Property by Underground Quality)?

  2. Wow I've been missing here but I'm back
    Damn this show #just too dope