Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Show 398 "Guestmix by Umngomezulu (Vinylifestyle, JHB)"

The South Africa tour is not far away but we have still 2 nice shows until Deep Inspiration Show 400 will be recorded and streamed live from South Africa. This week its Umngomezulu from Vinylifestyle Rooftop in Johannesburg. He recorded a nice journey for us with various genres and records from labels that you can find in the shop too. Vinylifestyle is definitely worth a visit for shopping records or some brilliant rooftop sessions with djs who have passion for records. Enjoy the mix and see you on the 24.08 when its the first time for me and Konstantin Olias to play on the lovely rooftop location.


1 Cantoma - Katja (Bonus Track) [Music For Dreams Denmark]
2 L'Amour Fou - The Last Call [Smallville]
3 Session Victim - The Hatch [Delusions of Grandeur]
4 Andy Hart - Island in the Sky [Voyage Recordings]
5 Crackazat - Spirit River (Original Mix) [Local Talk]
6 Jimpster - Migrations [Freerange]
7 Aleqs Notal - This Way [Sistrum Recordings]
8 Avon Blume - Factory Tides [On Loop Records]
9 Iron Curtis - Well Well Well (More Lights) [Hudd Traxx]
10 Frank & Tony - Odes [Scissor & Thread]
11 Stereociti - Moon Skin [Mojuba]
12 Jouem - Realm Of Darkness [Mojuba]
13 Jouem - Hyperion [Mojuba]
14 Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics - Convex [Seven Villas]
15 Siggatunez - Neighbourhood [Tieffrequent] (Vinyl Only)
16 Jan Ketel - Blue Horses [Tieffrequent]
17 Monosoul - Life On The Red Island [Tieffrequent]
18 Session Victim - Over and Over [Delusions of Grandeur]

Artwork by Sounds So Deep




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