Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Show 399 "Guestmix by OSE" (Essen, Germany)

The last show before the Deep Inspiration Show enters South Africa is by OSE from Essen in Germany. Some months ago I was with my colleague on an open air event in Krefeld called "myu:zik Thursday Session". OSE was playing different kinds of music spanning from Disco, Soul and Funk into House. It was one of those moments where you have to get to the dj and tell him that you appreciate his selection of music. He reminds me a bit of Bubbles from South Africa. I was very impressed that he is still 19 years old and has such a taste for music. Besides regular appearance in the club Schlachthof (Krefeld), Felix already threw a few party's in different parts of China during an exchange semester last year plus bookings in Shanghai and Wuhan. Expect a lot more from him in the future. This extended mix goes a bit further by starting slow with sleazy 80s italo and instrumental hiphop, leading to more danceable disco and house in the end. I hope you enjoy his selection of records as I do.

Artwork by Sounds So Deep


1. Jeff Redd - What Goes Around Comes Around (Extended Instrumental)
2. Velly Joonas & Pirita - KΓ€es On Aeg
3. Manuel Darquart - I'm Not Over You
4. DMX Krew - 98 Groove
5. Lexy Mella - On The Air (Rap Mix)
6. Brass Construction - Get Up To Get Down
7. Gino Soccio - Hold Tight (Waxist Edit)
8. Perry Haines - Whats What! (Disco Dub Version)
9. Deodato - Keep On Movin’
10. Candi Staton - Broadway (Rayko Edit)
11. Dark Knights - Down To Jazz
12. Danube Dance fest. Kim Cooper - Unique (Classic Club Mix)
13. Smash Hunter - The Groove (Boogie Mix)
14. Oby Oniyoha - Enjoy Your Life
15. Deodato - Keep It In The Family
16. Bohannon - Let’s Start The Dance (Remix)
17. Klein & MBO - The MBO Theme
18. Thomalla - Hermitage (Full Beard Mix)
19. Manuel Darquart - Gutterball
20. Frits Wentink - Theme 06
21. Manuel Darquart - Birds Of Paradiso
22. EVM128 feat. Oliver Night - Warm’n'Easy
23. Raw Deal – Eye Fly
24. D. C. LaRue - Cathedrals
25. Letta Mbulu - Kilimanjaro (Album Version)
26. George Benson - Give Me The Night
27. Match – Boogie Man
28. Arsenii - Allegria (Edit)
29. Waxist - Grateful
30. Rhythm & Sound ft. Paul St. Hilaire - Free For All (Soundstream Remix)
31. Jai Paul - Crush (Adam Port Edit)
More about him @ Soundcloud

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